Medical Aid

medical aid

We can assist you with Individual and Business medical aid.

We are experts in the industry with decades of experience so we know how to get the best deal for you.

Our professional team will work with various medical aid companies to get the best deal for you.

Give your employees, family and yourself peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

medical aid companies

Companies mostly dealt with:

  • Genesis
  • Discovery
  • MediHelp
  • Bestnet
  • Compare
  • Momentum
  • Fedhealth

other services

cleaning services

We offer a full cleaning and hygiene service through Femgiene Cleaning Services. We have a fully trained and supervised team to get the job done.

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Why choose us


multiple Quotations

We get the best cover for your risk at the most affordable price. We do this by negotiating with other insurance companies on your bahalf. We listen to your needs, assess your risk and then give you the options.


cover tailored to your needs

The many options available to us means that we can tailor your quote and make your cover unique to your needs and risk. We do this by combining different products offered by these various insurance companies.


renewals on your behalf

We are, as your FAIS accredited broker, entitled to get our clients renewals 30 days prior to the renewal date. This means we can negotiate rates for you and then, if needed, also look into other quotes for you.